1 International Champion
3 World-Wide Champions
1 Vice World-Wide Champion
2 Young World-Wide Champions
4 European Champion Champion
7 Vice European Champions
3 Young European Champions
4 Young Vice European Champions
28 Italian Champions
18 Young Italian Champions
11 Breeding Champions
4 Rep. Sanmarino Champions
5 Young Rep. Sanmarino Champions
3 Slovakian Champions
2 Bosnia & Herzegovina Champions
2 Luxembourg's Champions
1 Swiss Champion
1 Austrian Champion
2 Croatian Champions
1 Slovenian Champion
1 Young Slovenian Champion
1 VDH Champion
1 Vice VDH Champion
2 ENCI Champions
7 Qualifications to the Cruft's
4 Selected Dog for The Gold Collar
6 Alpe Adria Winner
2 Coppa Emilia Trophy
1 Austrian Double Champion
Championship Club 2012
Triumph in France
At the Rally - National exhibition of Breeding - held in France on the 3. ... [continua]
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A DOG whit the looks of a WOLF ..... A WOLF whit the qualities of a DOG.
The binomial dog-wolf, the duality wild-domestic are elements that have always fascinated man. Each dog holds within itself the picture of a tamed wolf, but who better than a Czechoslovakian wolfdog can provoke inside us ancestral emotions?