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Studbook:Sella Italiano
Gender: Female
The mather is a broodmare with irish dam line for eventing, the mother PAULANK FOR LUCK (CRUISING x TRIGGERERO XX) is the daughter of CALENDAR GIRL (TRIGGERERO XX x FRENCH WOOD XX) a sister of BABY SUE (BISHOP OF CASHEL XX x FRENCH WOOD XX) that competes in CCI2*. From CALENDAR GIRL born the stallion PAULANK KINGS RIVER (KINGS MASTER x TRIGGERERO XX) that competes in CCI3* and the sister PAULANK BROCKAGH (TOUCHDOWN x TRIGGERERO XX) which, under the saddle of the Australian Sam Griffiths, competes in CCI4 * as Badminton, Burghley e Pau, also got the fourth individual position and the third team at the Olympics Game of Rio 2016.

The father, BAEDEKER (Heartbreaker x Concorde x Nimmerdor), born from the top sire HEARTBREAKER and PURSINAA (from CONCORDE), uterine sister of the international jumper MAC KINLEY (from GOODWILL), ride by Mario Stevens and Rolf Goran Bengtsson. The third mother DAISINAA produced the ROCCO stallion first ride by Paolo Zuvadelli and then by Cian O'Connor.
Additional notes:**FOR SALE**



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