+39 338 67 27 050 The most qualified breeding for the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog since 1988

What we do

Our goal is to select this new breed. A lot has been done in order to allow the czechoslovakian wolfdog to stay aside man respecting his primitive wolf instincts.

The character profile of the czechoslovakian wolfdog is a mix of many dogs: learns like a german shepherd, the agility of a malinois and the bite strength of a molossoide. It loves walking in open air, adapts itself to all temperatures from very hot to the coldest, it is extremely sensible. It attaches itself very much to man and children, it is a great silent patroller of gardens and a reliable bodyguard.

It’s qualities are exalted only by a capable owner that can guide and respect it.

The breeding farm

The breeding farm is located on the Appenino mountains of Modena at 850m above sea level.

It is completely surrounded by woods and the surrounding space is perfect for let our dogs grow in the best way.

We have 16 external metal boxes and 4 birth chambers and 2 covering boxes.
Large space of 12.000sqm for the free movement of the dogs.

Ideal winter temperature from 0 to –12 °C and summer between 10 and 25 °C always ventilated.

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